Both Sides of the Fence

A Tosa resident since 1991, Christine walks the dog, cooks but avoids housework, writes and reads, and enjoys the company of friends and strangers. Her job takes her around the state, learning about people's health. A Quaker (no, they don't wear blue hats or sell oatmeal or motor oil), she has been known to stand on both sides of the political and philosophic fence at the same time, which is very uncomfortable when you think about it. She writes about pretty much whatever stops in to visit her busy mind at the moment. One reader described her as "incredibly opinionated but not judgmental." That sounds like a good thing to strive for!

What women really want (no boys allowed)

Women only

Let's face it: what women really want is jeans and bras that fit. Also swimming suits, but that may be beyond the realm of the possible.

If you haven't discovered zafu yet, you're in for a treat. It just takes a few minutes of answering questions about how clothes usually fit (too loose here, too tight there) and you'll get a report ranking your best fit brands in a whole range of prices.

The answers may be surprising, but they're right on target. I'd never have guessed my top two jeans fits: Baby Phat and Lucky Brand.

No. That's not me. I'm waiting for zafu2, the version that makes you look like the model when you're

in the pants. 

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