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Dilbert gets it right

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Yesterday's Dilbert in the Journal Sentinel really got it right.


What's the worst part about you beind unemployed?

Is it the risk of starvation, the inability to date, or the feeling of being utterly worthless?


So far the worst part is this conversation.


Wait 'til you hear my tough love speech.

I checked the on-line version of the hardcopy paper to see if I could pinch it to reproduce here, but it's not in that version. Another good reason to buy the paper and read online. (We've talked before about how it's a deeper and richer experience to do both than to do either alone.)

And speaking of job losses and such, even the New York Times is teetering. Just who do we think will bring us these nifty free information sites if the newspapers that support them crash? 

When you get serious about buying locally to support the community you live in and your neighbors who live there with you, make sure you include the newspaper.

No bribes (or even subtle hints) were involved in bringing you this message.


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