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A Tosa resident for almost 20 years, Karen is a mom and freelance writer, addicted to playing tennis. When not on the tennis court, she spends the fall and winter in the stands at Green Bay Packer and Marquette basketball games.

Karen is the author of “Grab a Bite,” a dining out column and the former community columnist for the Wauwatosa NOW newspaper.

The Scoop on Gelato

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Well, the dessert gods must have been listening to our dear, sweet Maddie. Gelato, my dear, is everywhere lately.


I too have gelato at the top of my Italian memories. One dish, in particular, stands out. It was called “Death by Chocolate” and it was consumed in the beautiful Piazza Navona in Rome. That memory is now filed in my mind as my “happy place.” I visited that happy place several times during our very long, record-breaking winter.


Anyway, back to Tosa and surrounding ‘burbs.


It started at Pizzeria Piccola where they offered us authentic Italian from start to finish. Although most go there for the delicious wood-fired pizza, you can also get a scoop of gelato. I have to confess that I haven’t yet tried Piccola’s gelato, but if it’s anything close to their other offerings, I’m betting that it’s worthwhile.


Then came Chocolaterie Stam on the corner of 92nd and North. They make their own gelato, along with their tres elegante bon bons. It looks beautiful, but I have to say, after trying it twice, the Stam gelato is somewhat disappointing. It’s missing the dense, creaminess and high-fat (and delicious!) taste of true Italian gelato. (Perhaps because it’s not Italian?) For the money, Baskin Robbins plain old ice-cream is tastier.


If those choices aren’t enough, you can battle the soon-to-come traffic headaches on Bluemound Road and head over to Brookfield Square where Paciugo Gelato has opened its doors right next to Bravo! Italian Cucina. They offer true diet-busting gelato. The gal behind the counter told us that a small cup will add a mere 250 calories to your daily intake. But if you want to cut back, they offer a sorbet version that’s only about 150.


And, if you really don’t mind a little extra mileage on your car, a trip to Waukesha’s Divino Gelato is definitely worth the trip! This quaint shop in the center of downtown Waukesha gets packed in the middle of summer, but you won't mind once you taste the gelato.


Last, but not least, this just in: The former Loge’s Bakery near the corner of 60th and Vliet will soon be home to still another gelato establishment! With the Times Theater just steps away, I’m betting this business will be instantly successful. I just hope they don’t skimp on the calories when they mix up their gelato.


You know what they say – Molto bene!


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