Gone - But not FAVREGOTTEN

Packer Nation is sad and nervous and scared, it has been 17 years since we have had to worry about a starting quarterback!!  For some fans that has been a lifetime, quick the last starting quarterback for the Packers was?  ( Remember Majik Man – Don Majkowski)


Favre gave us fans a great ride on the Packers bandwagon and holds almost every record a QB can hold. He is also the Ironman of football starting 253 games in row.


As fans it is sad that he retired, but we will go on cheering for the Pack.  Questions will be brought up as seasons roll on, but we will still be fans.


One statement by Favre  has me wondering though, he stated “I can still play, but I am mentally tired”, will he be the starting QB in 2008 after all??  Could it be just a ploy to gain some time off of training camp and season practices??  Brett doesn’t seem like the type to pull something like this though, but it makes one wonder!!


That is just “MY TWO CENTS”!!

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