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Favre and the Packers (management - Ted Thompson) - Both have big egos and will not back down - A word or two for Ted - The NFL (Not For Long) is a win now league, who gives you the best chance to win now??  Answer that honestly and resolve this mess, or you - Ted - will be out of work wondering what happened!!


Brewers seem to be falling apart internally.  Gagne throwing at a batter intentionally when losing by 8 runs - come on - Fielder arguing  strike calls and got tossed - Fielder (again) fighting with Parra in the dugout!!  Nedly is losing control of the team.  Better straighten it out soon!!  I would like to see the Brewers play the Cubs in the NCLS playoffs. - Its something that could happen - I would be happy with either team in the World Series


 Tosa Rec Softball is almost over - the team I play on ended last night (Tuesday 8/5/08) - we won and our overall record is 5-9 for this year - just finished my 25th season playing softball in the Tosa Rec league - maybe I'll retire, but next year I may want to play again - wonder if anyone will pay me not play again and stay retired!

The Tosa Rec tournament will begin shortly, in a week or so - Catch a game - or just cheer for your favorite Umpire (yes I ump  for the Rec league also, but I'll save stories on that for a later time) - I am curious to see who wins the tournament this year - I will publish the schedule when it is available.

That is just MY TWO CENTS!

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