It's been ...........

 ....... 2 years since I started writing this Blog.

Here are some thoughts for my anniversary:

The Tosa Common Council sure has made a mess of the village and I don't think they have realized it yet! Can you figure it out? - I have one word for you - PARKING!! The Council has made so many decisions with new restaurants and with the Band Shelter that PARKING is going to be a problem.  Existing businesses such as the Chancery, Outpost, Pick and Save, and Sentry will have to hire security to make sure only customers are parking in their lots and what does that do for costs?? They will go up, as far as new businesses in the long run customers will not want the hassle of walking 2-3 blocks from city parking lots to get to their destinations.


Some people really do not know how to drive and its not the speeding - its the taking of 2 lanes - driving very slow and when did it be become OK to stop in the middle of a road, such as State street, for Jay-walkers?? This will only become worse as the weather gets warmer. - I say give tickets to all Jay-walkers


Please drive careful as school lets out and the teenagers start wandering the streets - watch out for them.


Can't believe that my most read Blogs are the ones that announce or talk about different parties that happen around Tosa.


I will take Guest Bloggers and let them write a Blog if they want, only rule is that you have to use your real name and that I get your real email address (I will not publish your email address). 


What issues would you like to read about in this Blog - suggestions always taken.


Well thats it for now.


Hey that is just "MY TWO CENTS"

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