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Taxing Senior Housing - In a Holding Pattern

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The possibility of property taxes being assessed on luxury, independent senior living facilities has been shifted to the back burner while the City Attorney's office and legal counsel for the senior communities lock horns.

Frankly, I'm disappointed that the public hearing to be held by the Committee of the Whole for tomorrow evening has been called-off.

I thought it was about time that citizens - senior and otherwise - had an opportunity to be heard on this issue.  I was anticipating a thorough airing of the truth surrounding this stink.

There has been speculation that the Didier Mayoral Campaign had a hand in the abortive grab for headlines when a bus load of seniors (replete with oxygen tanks) showed-up at a September 5th budget meeting demanding to speak on this issue.

Anyone with a shred of sense knows that open meeting rules do not allow comment on matters not included in the meeting agenda. 

That stunt was political theater - better yet - theater of the absurd.

Alderman Treis was correct in characterizing the exhibition as "elder abuse".

While attending a Wauwatosa Comprehensive Plan Vision Workshop at Hart Park Jill Didier made a point of seeking me out.  The candidate informed me, "I did not call the retirement homes...and I''ll leave it at that".

Plausible deniability?  That's anyone's guess - but readers of this blog are smart enough to connect the dots between the statement of the candidate and the breathless rants of the fervent.

If you associate yourself with loud-mouth daytime talk radio and belligerent bloggers while gleefully allowing these knuckleheads to spread lies and disinformation on behalf of your campaign, then the average Joe is going to eventually wonder what is fact and what is fiction.

The Didier Campaign shouldn't be surprised if someone might hold them to account.

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