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A New Kind of Fishing Pole

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That's it. 

Vacation has come to an abrupt end. 

Back to the routine of work and workouts. 

Lunch time is workout time and I typically spend my noon hour at the gym.  Even-numbered days are treadmill and odd days are for resistance training. 

A half hour on the treadmill necessitates some reading material to pass the time.

Today I forgot a newspaper and had to improvise by drawing upon the eclectic selection of magazines off the gym's rack.

A copy of Boating - World's Largest Powerboat Magazine caught my eye.  Hmm... who doesn't like to look at and read about big boats?

As it turns out it was a decent read.  There was an in-depth review of the towing capabilities of my new GMC and lots and lots stories with pictures of big boats populated with curvaceous babes that obviously require boat loads of money to maintain.

One article in particular caught my eye.

I'm not making this up.  The readers of Boating know that they can "leave their inhibitions on shore".  

Apparently the latest trend to hit the big power boat scene is something last viewed in a strip club. 

According to the editor, dance poles are literally popping-up in boats across the United States.  As irrefutable proof of this he cited no less than authoritative celebrity clientèle like Paris Hilton, Jessica Alba and Carmen Electra. 

The company behind the craze believes that the poles are so popular on board because women can "get in a good off-shore workout while simultaneously unleashing their inner sex kitten"

Poles can be custom colored to match your boat.

Imagine that.

I wonder how soon it will be before Cabelas adds this to their product line?


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