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Tosa Mayoral Campaign - A Small Bunch of Disclosures

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A recent commentator to this blog quite reasonably suggested the following:

It will be interesting how TTS fits in the race since its a mix of people like me....don't know these people and those who are personal friends of a particular candidate.  I kind of think that such things should be declared so people know what context the cheap shot or rousing praise comes from.

I agree. 

A perfectly legitimate suggestion.

In the interest of full and fair disclosure this is as good a time as any to tell you where I stand. 

Allow me to begin with candidate Didier.  

I can tell you that she is not a personal friend.

She is one of my alder-persons so I know of her.  

In the short time she has been in the position of alder-person I can tell you that until recently she has always been prompt in responding to anything I had to say.

Preceding her kicking the Mayoral campaign into high gear last year I was somewhat ambivalent about her as she hadn't been in city government sufficiently long enough to form any strong opinions - good or bad.

She never sought me out for support. 

When the Didier Campaign engaged far right wing radio and the peripheral blogosphere to attack the Mayor last year I viewed that as a particularly unsavory development.

The vast majority of Tosans don't want to listen to extremist fanaticism along with its attendant personal attacks.

Didier never considered that the mayor might not run for reelection. 

She over-reached. 

It is for her exceedingly short tenure in city government and her premature, yet enthusiastic embrace of the far-right that I will not support Ms. Didier.

On the matter of candidate Stepaniak I can tell you that he also is not a personal friend. 

Until recently I only knew of the guy as a former Common Council President. 

What is noteworthy is he sought me out.  He told me he wanted an opportunity to tell me about himself and his vision for Tosa. 

We met.  We talked. 

He asked for my support. 

I told him no, that I would have to think about it. 

Apparently I thought about it sufficiently long enough that he sought me out again.  So, we talked some more and I thought about it for quite some time.

My conclusion:  Stepaniak is a bright guy with good ideas and a clear vision for Tosa.  He also has the most executive experience. 

I spent half my life in business - I get it.

In short, experience matters and that would make him the most qualified. 

My wife and I contributed $50 to his campaign.

In closing I would like to add that in the continuing spirit of full and fair disclosure and in the interest of performing a valuable public service-

I am saving you all $4.25 and a trip to the city clerk's office. 

You can peruse the candidate's Campaign Finance Reports here.

Didier.pdf and Stepaniak.pdf

I'm sure you will find them revealing.

Bon Appetit!


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