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Nest Box Update - And Some Extra Stuff

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Has anyone ever heard of a black lab turning brown?  Ours certainly is.

I'm not making this up.  Girlfriend is slowly turning brown.  At this rate I figure we'll have a chocolate lab by August. 

I've been spending as much time as I can out-of-doors and already have a Larry the Cable Guy red neck tan.  So maybe the dog is fading as I turn brown?  The Labrador equivalent of a tan?  Go figure.

Girlfriend is being trained this summer to follow whistle commands.  Smart dog - she's picking-up on it quickly.

The morning training includes a check of the nest boxes.  Most are empty as the young have fledged.  We'll clean the boxes - removing the old nest, any dead birds and unhatched eggs.  This will give the parents a clean box for a fresh start on a second brood and less risk of spreading diseases.  These pictures were from a foray this past weekend.

Remember this late hatch from the last update?

Here they are now-

We also found scads of this stuff blooming in the meadow.  Can you identify it?

The R2D2-like call of a bird with striking markings caught our attention and we spied a flock of these-

Photo courtesy USFWS

The sighting of this bird was a first for me so I added it to my life list.  Can you name it?

Last fall I nuked a patch of reed canary grass.  I was hopeful some native seeds were patiently waiting in the soil for a chance to be released.  Now there is a sizable patch of this-


Any guesses?

Girlfriend also found this- 

Very fresh and about a yard-long.

More updates later.


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