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Deer Camp 2008 - Archery Season

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Wisconsin's archery season for deer opened on Saturday, September 12th.

I missed last year's opener.  Nonetheless - the archery hunt was pretty good for me.  I killed two deer - within minutes - the first time out.  Let me tell you - that was followed by one heckuva birthday party.  It is not likely I'll repeat that performance anytime soon. 

My lovely wife has been encouraging the emptying of the freezers. 

Tom, we should be eating wild game twice a week.

I respond with my predictably silly rejoinder. 

But, honey.  What if I don't get a deer this year?  We won't have any yummy steaks or chops left.  We'll be reduced to eating supermarket chicken.

I get the all-knowing glare in return.

Speaking of my darling wife - did any of you know that she knows how to field dress a whitetail deer?  Yep. She is darn good at it too.  She is also my right-hand person when we butcher deer.   This is why I scratch my head over all of this nattering chatter about Sarah Palin being able to cut up a moose and is thus somehow the female reincarnation of Theodore Roosevelt.  I say - big freaking deal.  This gains no traction with this hunter.  

I am patiently waiting for something of substance to pour-forth from this Sarah Palin person,  Something other than talking points.  I'm a big fan of Senator McCain so I'm willing to cut him a bit of slack- but my patience is wearing thin.  Are you ever going to let Ms. Palin come out of hiding and speak freely - maybe even spontaneously? 

Time will tell.  Meanwhile - I wait.

I digress.  Back to hunting.

My tools of the trade include a Bowtech Diamond Triumph bow.  Its compact design makes it a favorite of tree stand and blind hunters.  With a draw weight of 60 pounds it shoots 307 fps.  It is outfitted with a single pin fiber optic sight - zeroed at 30 yards - and a Ripcord breakaway arrow rest.

I shoot with a Fletchhunter Shorty release and use 470-15 Beaman Carbon Hunter arrows tipped with a 100 gr.three-blade Rocky Mountain broadhead.

Opening day dawned with rain.  Rain.  And more rain.  More of the same on Sunday.  For me bow hunting is  a Zen-like pastime - with all of this rain there was no Zen. No Zen - no hunt.  Rain also makes for poor tracking.  Rules are rules.

As a result I spent gobs of time puttering in the kitchen putting-up pickles and canning homemade tomato sauce.  I got caught-up on my reading - finishing A Thousand Splendid Suns and putting a considerable dent in John Adams.  On balance an altogether good weekend. 

Anyway - bow season doesn't close until after the first of the year so stop back periodically to see how the hunt goes.

For any bow hunters out there - hunt safely and good luck. 

One shot - one kill - make every shot count.


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