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Tom grew up in Milwaukee, bartended in Wauwatosa in the '70s and moved here in 1984.

Commentary, observations and musings about the outdoors, life in general and maybe Tosa politics and personalities will be the order of the day. He savors a lively debate as much as terrific cooking.

Gas Pains Performs a Science Experiment

Guess the critter, Just For Fun, Smile For The Trail Cam

Hi everyone.   

I want to thank my fellow Community Voices for their forbearance during Wisconsin's firearm deer season.  Nine days of deer hunting goes fast for me and I know I was hogging the blogging so I thank you for your understanding. 

Something I don't do very often is check the referrals to this blog.  I did today.  One of the most curious inquiries was performed by someone who was Googling:  why does venison give you gas

Doesn't that strike you as just a bit odd?  It does me.  The odd part - not the gas part.  Maybe they should be searching on WebMD.  Ya think?

Anyway, this is a good segue to the science part of the post which has absolutely nothing to do with the link above.

I've undertaken a scientific endeavor.  The conducting of a simple scientific experiment of sorts.  It is winter after-all and I have to occupy my free time with something.

I don't have any preconceived notions about breaking new ground or uncovering a stunning revelation.  Therefore, there will be no stem-cell breakthroughs or miraculous cures.  

Although this might be a temporary cure for boredom I would keep your expectations low.

I think I already know part of the answer but I am a naturally curious individual - especially about outdoor stuff.  

I have a simple question -

Who is it, precisely, that eats dead animals in the winter woods?  What does the food chain look like?

You're probably thinking - Is this guy nuts?  What manner of yucky stuff is he going to be posting now?

And my answer would be - If you don't want to expand your scientific horizons, read no further. 

There's only three of you anyway. (Thanks for visiting more than a thousand times apiece to read about deer camp)

In planning for this experiment I had a vision of obtaining some sort of meaningfully-sized yet pre-deceased animal.  Perhaps something I could grab from the side of the road.  Not a squashed squirrel and certainly not a flattened skunk.  I thought of convincing the local sheriff deputy to let me have a road-killed deer.  Alas, that was not to be. I also determined early-on that this would have to be a cold weather project.  I have little interest in handling a dead critter in July. 

So lacking any good-sized road kill here's what I did -

I took the freshly butchered carcass of the deer I killed on Thanksgiving Day out to a spot where I had a trail camera posted to find out who was rubbing the daylights out of a cedar sapling.  (You will see the soon-to-be-dead cedar in the background of the photos).

My plan would be to periodically fetch the memory disk from the camera to determine who is dining upon this tasty repast.  At the first check I get this.

A frozen and ice-encapsulated trail camera. 

This won't do so just like Thomas Edison, I try again.

Oddly enough here is the first visitor.

Since everyone knows who that is, who are these customers?

I'll post the correct ID on Monday.


5-18-08   These are ravens. Corvus Corax - larger than its cousin the American Crow.

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