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Broadway Brett

Go - Pack, Rubbish

Before you jump all over me for spoiling your perfectly good Christmas by resurrecting painful memories of this: 

I am not the Grinch.  You need to understand that this has been on my mind lately. 

A Christmas phone call from my best friend in New York and a relaxing read of my New York Times this morning kind of brought it all to the fore. 

One of the advantages of being a subscriber to the Times is that I not only get the paper delivered daily to my porch and a delightful feature called Times Reader on any of my computers but I also get the latest updates on the former drama queen of the green and gold football organization to the north - all from a New Yorker's perspective.

It's bad enough being a suffering Packer fan nowadays.  Imagine being a Jets fan.  Salvation from their playoff drought materializes in the form of the plot from a bad Broadway production.  Brett's nasty break-up with the Packers is the Jet's gain.  Broadway Brett. 

Earlier this fall hopes were high and there was reason to rejoice.  Favre appeared to be at the top of his game.  But did anyone warn those hopeful New York fans that a love affair with Brett might turn-out to be a bit of a roller coaster ride?

Anyway, it has been a rather interesting ride for Jets fans as they ponder whether bringing this Mississippi boy to the Big Apple has been worth it.

As the season draws to a close the inevitable handwriting has begun to appear on the wall.

Today's paper tells me that Favre said that he could sit down with Mangini and Jets General Manager Mike Tannenbaum as early as next week to discuss next season.

At the least, it seemed to be an implicit promise that he would avoid the drama of his last off-season.

I was perusing this season's QB ratings this morning.  Favre - 84.0, Rodgers - 91.4 and Pennington - 96.4. 

A comparison between the Jet's current QB vs. the Jet's former QB in three games this month is even more startling: Pennington’s passer rating is 112.4 to Favre’s 56.9.  The Jets play Miami this Sunday.  I'm still chuckling over who might have the last laugh.

So whaddya think?  Is this the end of the road for Brett?  A one-season wonder?  If it is, will New York be spared the tears?

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