Look Right!


As the weather warms up, we begin to see a lot more people out on the sidewalks running and in the streets biking.  Last year around this time, I put together a list of things bikers should be aware of while they're out in the spring.  This year, I am begging drivers to do one thing as the weather warms up.  Look right!  How many times as a driver do you come up to a stop sign, wanting to turn right, and only look left for cars?  Don't forget that there is an entire sidewalk there that you are crossing, with kids on bikes, and people running, and that many of them will be coming from your right.  So before you look for cars, be sure to look on the sidewalks for kids and runners... and that means looking both directions.

And before I get comments from people complaining about rude runners, and bikers... keep in mind that people on the sidewalk have the right of way if you are at a stop sign.  In fact, state law requires that you stop before the sidewalk, then proceed to turn or cross the intersection.  Nobody's perfect, and everybody is in a hurry, but let's remember to be aware of everyone out there as the weather warms up.

And happy exercising! 

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