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On The Road Again - Fishing!

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I like fishing.

Yet I have never fished a salt water marsh.

Remember the fella in the previous post that hosted that crawdad boil?  That's Herk.  Captain Herk.  He charters fishing trips for a living.  It's incredibly convenient to have the Captain living directly across the street from your hosts.

So - one morning a number of us get-up at dawn and pile into the boat and head-out.

We motor - full tilt - for about forty minutes or so until we arrive at our destination.  A shallow-water estuary with scattered grass islands. 

And a few oil platforms in the distance.

We're fishing for speckled trout and red fish. 

The technique involves chucking live baits towards the grassy islands and performing a jerk-and-slow-retrieve.

I chucked a pile of bait and things were slow - for me anyway.

The women-folk cleaned-up.

Get a load of my daughter's red fish-

And my wife's red fish.

And my wife's flounder.

If I wasn't so firmly secure in my manliness I might almost be shamed by my spouse's fishing prowess.

She firmly established herself and the camp's premier angler catching a red fish, speckled trout and a flounder.

The Cajun Trifecta.

Then to clinch the deal she topped-it-off with a catfish and a sting ray.

Moving-on we located a flock of sea birds on the water.

Sea birds = bait fish which usually means bigger fish in the vicinity.

With each cast I got a hit on the retrieve.

Trout after trout after trout.

There was no way I was giving-up  my spot on the stern.

We filled the ice chest with 35 speckled trout and another half-dozen red fish.

An altogether nice day of salt water marsh fishing.

Coming soon - The Blue Crab Shuffle.

Courtesy of Captain Herk - more pictures here...


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