Another Step Towards Tweenville

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It seems that time is just flying by when it comes to my daughter.  Each day she amazes me with something new.  I have a hard time believing she is still only 5 years old.  Here are some of the latest…Enjoy!


Last weekend she had a couple of friends over for their first sleepover.  As a single parent, it wasn’t my daughter’s first sleepover as she has spent a random night here and there, but it was her friend’s first.  I got to listen to them talk and be like a fly on the wall, while each of them had their pretend cell phones (my old ones) and were calling and texting their “boyfriends”.  They were talking about going out for dinner and kissing.  They talked about how they broke up with their boyfriends and now dating others.  Are you kidding me!?


Then yesterday I was about to tell my daughter to stop shoving so much hotdog in her mouth and slow down when she told me that exact thing.  Then she said that she must have been reading my mind.  She then said she can’t even read chapter books, so how could she read my mind.  She said I must just have pictures in my mind and no words.  How funny is that!?


In approximately 6 weeks, school with be out for the summer.  Where did this year go?  I am looking forward to summer, but what I am really looking forward to is next year when my daughter is in school all day.  Maybe then, I can have a little money for myself as I will only have to pay for after school care and day-care for those ridiculous amounts of days the kids have off throughout the year.  Am I the only parent that can’t wait till school starts again in fall even before summer break starts?  (Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait to spend at least a couple weeks this summer at our cabin up north with all the family).


My daughter lost her first tooth.  Literally!  She accidentally head-butted a friend and the thing popped out and was lost forever.  She was so happy that she is now a member of the “I lost my first tooth club”.  Unfortunately for me, the whole loose tooth thing really grosses me out.  I cringe just thinking about a tooth hanging by a little piece of skin.  I am so glad that I didn’t have to deal with it on the first one.  Now only the rest of her mouth to go, right?  You know what the worst part about the whole thing was?  The tooth fairy only had a $20 and no change just lying around – if you can believe that!  She wasn’t going to get that much money because she still is sketchy on the value of money and change is still appealing to her. Besides, that would set too big of a precedent and would be impossible to maintain.  So secretly the tooth fairy went into her piggy bank and found some of her own change to put under the pillow.  I feel really bad about it, but it is something I can tell her when she gets older and we both can laugh about it, right? 

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