Comparison of Salary Information for Teachers and Protective Services Employees with Resident Household Income

I’ve modified the previously published report on salaries and benefits to reflect that the data on resident salary is in fact household income. Household income consists of the income reported single and married filing jointly.


                                             Family Plan Health Insurance for Employees

                                                                         EMPLOYEE % 
                           AVERAGE      ANNUAL     PREMIUM                    DEDUCTIBLE    DEDUCTIBLE
                           SALARY         PREMIUM   CONTRIBUTION       IN NETWORK  OUT OF NETWORK

Teachers        $51,574*         $18,444            2%                               $500                        $500
                   (Nine Months)

Fire Dept.       $62,000**        $18,083             2%                               $600                      $1,000
                                                                   Actually Fixed
                                                                  Dollar Amount

Police Dept.  $62,000**        $18,083             2%                                 $600                      $1,000
                                                                  Actually Fixed 
                                                                   Dollar Amount


                                                     Family Plan Health Insurance for Employees  

                     AVERAGE                                 EMPLOYEE % 
                   HOUSEHOLD     ANNUAL       PREMIUM                DEDUCTIBLE      DEDUCTIBLE
                      INCOME           PREMIUM    CONTRIBUTION   IN NETWORK    OUT OF NETWORK                   

 Residents $65,343           $13,624              25%                        $1.500                   $1,500

When Wauwatosa teachers’ average salary is viewed on a twelve month basis it exceeds the average twelve month household income of Tosa residents. While the average salary for individual Firefighters and Police Officers is less than the average household income of Wauwatosa residents, it is being compared to income that includes combined incomes of two people in addition to the income of individual residents.

Tosa residents not only pay substantially more for health insurance premium contributions and deductibles they also must pay for teacher, firefighter and police officer health insurance costs that are beyond the level of any found in the private sector.

** Average salary for teachers revised based on School District current calculation for 2008.
** Average salary for police is slightly over $62,000 and the average salary for firefighters slightly below. The difference is only a couple of hundred dollars.


Wauwatosa Residents Data: Average household income for Wauwatosa residents is based on the Wisconsin Department of Revenue report on Wisconsin School District Statistics for 2006. The report provides the number of tax returns filed in each district and the total household income filed. The total income reported for the districts do not include social security payments. The average household income for 2006 was adjusted to an average for 2008 using the percentage change in total income projected for 2008 using the Bureau of Economic Analysis per capita personal income data for Milwaukee, Waukesha and West Allis statistical metropolitan area.

Data on family health insurance annual premium, portion (%) paid by employee, and the in and out of network deductibles obtained from the 2007 Employer Health Care Benefits Survey, which is conducted in cooperation with The Greater Milwaukee Annual Report on Health Care, HCTrends, The Benefit Services Group (BSG), The Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce, the Wellness Council of Wisconsin and the Business Health Care Group. The annual premium cost for 2008 calculated using employer expected cost increase identified in the survey.

Wauwatosa School District Teachers: Average salary for 2008 for teachers provided by Business Services, Wauwatosa School District. Data on health insurance costs, premium payment and deductibles obtained from salary and health insurance benefits survey compiled by the Superintendent of Greenfield School District for local area School Superintendents.

City of Wauwatosa Firefighters and Police Officers: The average salaries, health insurance costs, premium payment and deductibles obtained for firefighters and police officers from the Wauwatosa City’s Finance Department via the City Administrator.

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