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One Last Aldermanic Appointment?

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I know that at least one of my 38 readers suspects that I dislike the Mayor.  Therefore I want to go on record and make it abundantly clear that nothing could be further from the truth.  I try to get through life without the burden of hauling around all sorts of dislike.  That kind of negativity will take years off of your life so I reserve my dislike for a small number of really bad people.

As a matter of fact, Mayor Didier and I had a friendly chat last Wednesday over at Hart Park.  I even had an opportunity to ask a couple of questions.  Our visit was cordial and infused with witty innuendo.  But you would have to be there to understand that.  It is complicated.

As evidence of my dearth of dislike I rather like the idea that the Mayor is engaging in creative ways to offset the costs of large spending projects - although I would probably go about doing it somewhat differently.  

This is one of the reasons that the proposed naming ordinance should be approved by the full Council tonight.  I know of one recently appointed Alderman who might disagree - but I like the idea of common sense guidelines.  If you don't have a sensible framework what are you going to do if the Hooters people show-up at the palace with their thick checkbook? 

You'll have more trouble than those starchy Brookfield folks are having with the restaurant for sure.

You know me - I don't want any trouble.

Speaking of raising money would someone tell the Mayor I purchased my bleacher seat yesterday.  She tells me that except for the Deer Camp postings she doesn't read my blog.  Pass the word that she got some of my hard-earned brass.  Voluntarily too.

Getting back to the rumored dislike.  It is worthwhile to note that it is OK to disagree with someone - even if it is the Mayor.  Disagree is not to be confused with dislike.

This packing of the Council with the Mayor's cronies by means of the appointment process is something I disagree with.  In my view it is nothing but a circuitous means of neutralizing disagreement. 

Huh?  Does that mean you have become an advocate for discord?

Hardly.  What I mean is that a healthy dose of dissent is good when you have to do the people's business.  It keeps everyone honest.

Besides, I've always felt that surrounding yourself with people who only agree with you might be a symptom of insecurity.  Furthermore it isn't conducive to creative thinking. 

The reason I am persistent in pointing this out is to forewarn you that when you hear that really loud whump emanating from the palace - do not be startled.  It would only be the sound of a giant rubber stamp.

If there is someone out there that sincerely believes that all of this cronyism is good public policy I am exceedingly interested in hearing your views.  How about some of you really far-right conservatives?  Isn't this the kind of nonsense that gets you all sweaty and bothered? 

Please feel free to comment.

So here we are with what might be the last appointment - someone to fill the remaining vacancy in the 8th Aldermanic District.

Since all of those agreeable types over at the palace want to keep this process swept under the rug I'm going to exercise the use of that annoying Open Meetings Law again to share with you the details and the applicant's background information.

Meetings Agenda

Robert Brunow

Acquanitta Harris-Patterson

Jason Wilke

Lee Meyer

Craig Wilson

Feel free to talk about it amongst yourselves if you care to.

The dog and I will make our predictions immediately before the Thursday meeting. 


Edit - I want to preface the predictions with a couple of observations.

First, I am disappointed that Michael Llanas did not reapply.   He was an impressive young man.

Second, there are no obvious campaign contributors or connections to County Executive Walker.  Who moved my cheese?

Here we go-

The dog gives her wag to Robert Brunow because - well - she always likes an underdog. (Although I think it is because of that award from the Wauwatosa Republicans. And if Leah Vukmir is involved that’s even better).

My money is on Jason Wilke.

8:31 PM  - Wilke in the third round.

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