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An Update On Doings At the Palace

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From the Wauwatosa GOP website is the following tidbit-

Alderman Jackie Jay has drafted and will present to the legislation committee on Tuesday, July 14th, a referendum:

Shall the State of Wisconsin require each elector (voter) to provide his or her valid state or federal photographic identification card at the same time as voting a ballot in an election, provided that the State makes such photographic identification card readily obtainable at no or nominal cost?


Obviously, Wauwatosa Republicans support it.  Please join me in speaking out for this referendum at the Legislation Committee–July 14th, 7:00 at City Hall.  Or, if you can’t make it, take time to email a member of that committee about how Tosans should raise their voice about the lack of voter identification.

Am I the only person beginning to think that some of the people over at the Palace are having their strings pulled by others? 

If Ms. Jay is looking to make a difference she should propose a referendum that says this:

Shall the Mayor of Wauwatosa be allowed to appoint campaign contributors or individuals connected to the County Executive to Aldermanic positions?


Yeah - I know - the Mayor wants to rule over a sufficiently docile and obedient Council.  She probably also wants to cozy-up to County Executive Walker since he's running for governor. 

I get it.

Seriously though - aren't conservatives supposed to take a principled stand against cronyism in government?

I digress.

Of course there's nothing like a good, old-fashioned voter ID referendum on the ballot to ensure a robust turnout of conservatives in an upcoming election, eh?  

You think some people on the Council might have talked about this amongst themselves?

Oops. Another digression.

Maybe I'm just a cynic about the obvious gamesmanship and the hand-picked rubber stamp our Council.

Tawdry politics aside and with all due respect to the Alderwoman from the Third District we have a problem that is even greater than the sheep feeding on the Palace lawn and this apparent epidemic of vote fraud occurring here in Tosa Town.

Stupid voters.

There - I said it - the S word.  

I would like to think that my readers - regardless of their political persuasion - are intelligent people.  And like me - nothing irritates them more than someone who nullifies their very carefully researched and thoughtful vote with a stupid vote.

I’m not talking about the long history my wife and I share canceling-out each other’s votes.  I’m talking about dim-wits that are allowed to vote.

You know who they are.

Here you go ma'am. When you’ve finished voting look for the white van and I’ll take you home. Don't forget that since we gave you a lift to the polls today you have to remember to be sure to vote for so-and-so.  And don't forget to look for the van or you'll be stuck here with no way home.

Yup, yup, - you betcha.  I better vote for this so-and-so guy because the breathless man at the Tea Party told me there are socialists hiding in my garage.

Gasp!  Oh dear!  I better hurry over to the polls to vote for so-and-so because the important voice on the robocall said he was The One who would give me health-care and provide for all my needs.  Free for nothing too.

Jeezus! I better not miss this election because this scary email tells me that men in tactical uniforms are poised to begin dropping from black helicopters anytime now to confiscate my guns.

Hmmm. What’s this in my mailbox? Ooooh goody – another flier with valuable information from Tosans for Responsible Government, Stanley Zurawski, Sr. – Treasurer.  Without this I couldn't find my way to the mens room.

So Alderwoman Jay - if you are reading this - I suggest that you amend your proposal for this referendum that apparently carries such grave importance for us subjects.

Photo identification simply doesn’t go far enough.   Please consider adding the following:

Voters shall sign an Affidavit Stipulating Sincerity.

All of the fancy fine print would certify that – among other things – the voter is not under the influence of daytime angry radio, crazed fliers from Tosans for Responsible Government, wacky leftist bloggers and the elector hasn't consulted a Ouija Board in the prior ninety days.

This infernal stupid voting must be brought to an end.

In the mean time folks - if you think those poll workers are pokey now just you wait until photo ID is required. To spice things-up on Election Day I'm thinking I might wait for one with a big turn-out and lines and lines of voters.  I am going to go to the polls wearing the head covering of an obscure ethnic group and big thick eye glasses.  I won’t look anything like the clean-cut guy on my passport. 

Enjoy your wait in the line while they try to figure it out.

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