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Nurturing the Cult of Victimhood

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Tosa's Legislation, Licensing and Communications Committee has approved an advisory referendum on voter identification.

So let's take this discussion to the next level.

But before we do that I want to thank all of my die-hard, far-right wing conservative readers for rising to my bait.

Bait?  What bait?  It's clear to us that you are against voter identification.

Go back and reread my posting on the subject.

You will note that nowhere do I suggest that I am against voter ID or that voter ID is a bad idea. To be sure I talk mostly about stupid voters.

So what is your position on voter ID?

Personally I am ambivalent about it. I carry photo identification with me all the time so why should I care?

I also happen to think it just another tool to keep the shrinking Republican base all worked-up and scared.  Perpetuating the strategy of reminding the base that they are victims.

It must be tough going through life living as a frightened victim.  Probably take years off their life expectancy.  But that's their problem.

Besides - there are far better ways to cook the books on an election.

My beef is with our Council wasting time and resources to make a political statement about a subject that they have absolutely no control over. 

This is no different than that silly Iraq war referendum of not so many years ago.

Oh well.  I suppose our future will now include all sorts of irrelevant and inconsequential referenda that we can all uselessly weigh-in upon.  

Although I suppose you could feel good about it.

Conservatives in government - burning the midnight oil so you can feel good.


So folks - take due note that some members of your Council have placed a much higher value upon stroking their political masters than looking after the needs of their constituents.

Does this remind you anyone we know?

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