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Consider the Spud

Gardening, Strange But True, Firearms

If you're like me and you think about potatoes when you have too much time on your hands you'd probably arrive at the same conclusion. 

The spud is really is an underrated vegetable.  

For such a ubiquitous tuber you think it would get more respect?  Yet  even raccoons refuse to raid your typical potato patch.  Maybe that is the problem.  Spuds are so common they're taken for granted. 

Did you know that you can use a potato as ammunition? 

While I have no firsthand knowledge of this - I once heard about a guy who has a spud gun that can launch a red potato almost a quarter mile.  It  uses Aqua Net hair spray as propellant which is ignited with a Coleman camp stove igniter.  It's really a rather amazing device.  Tastefully painted in a woodland camouflage pattern - by all outward appearances it resembles a recoilless rifle.  Although I understand that it sounds more like a mortar when fired.  I don't think you'll ever see this guy toting it around town as it would probably invite unwanted attention.

Again I have digressed.

This is a Yukon Gold - the first time I've attempted to grow them.  They did really well and are quite versatile in the kitchen.

Mostly I stick with the standard Red Pontiac potato.  They're also quite versatile and if you treat them correctly after you've dug them-up they'll keep for an amazingly long time.

Growing potatoes is easy and you can obtain an incredible yield for not a whole lot of expense or effort.  You do need some space however as the plants can become big and you have to rotate your location each year.

Anyway, I began digging some of my spuds - beginning with the Yukons.  In the process I discovered this gem-

If you stand it like this it looks like a portly little Frenchman with a beret. 

Bonjour petit Français!

Or if you place it in the prone position it resembles a walrus - without tusks. 

I am the walrus, goo goo g'joob!

I know.  You're thinking - So now you're probably going to inform us that you sold it on eBay for a big, huge pile of money. You claimed that is was a miraculous likeness of Jesus or something equally silly and that you've retired comfortably.

Heck no. 

I cooked it and ate it.

It was mighty tasty.

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