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On The Road Again - A Run For the Border

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The northern border.

I've been away for spell - touring and visiting with Canadian acquaintances.  1571 miles in four days.


And I just blew back into town.

I’ve sporadically been keeping tabs on what's been happening back here in the good, old US of A - but experimenting with asking for the Canadian take on things.

For instance – there was the Milwaukee Tea Party.  This was something that I really wanted to experience first-hand but could not. I had to be satisfied with the coverage afforded by the Mothership and the conservative blogs.

My take on the Party - Protest is a wonderful thing. However, if you want the Big Fat Middle to take you seriously, drop the bumping-off granny shtick and Marxist analogies. It makes you appear nutty and unhinged and you’re not taken seriously.

The Canadian take on the Tea Parties - Socialist? You wanna talk socialist? Let us set you straight. Obama is a conservative. If you want socialist come up here and we'll show you what a real socialist is. By the way we protest all the time about our taxes and government and nobody invokes Hitler. Do you know how crazy you look to the rest of the world, eh?

My observation about each country’s politics - I'd bet you a fine Canadian lager that the average Canuck can tell you more about US politics than Joe the Plumber can tell you about Canadian politics.

Canadian observation - Your politicians are just as lame as our politicians. But your President represents a separate branch of government and is deserving of more respect from your Congress. Our Prime Minister is a member of Parliament. That's different, eh. Joe Wilson behaved like a jerk. 

(I told you they know more - didn't I?)

US polling on Afghanistan – Support for the war effort is hovering at 39% percent

Canadian polling on Afghanistan – Similar figures with support hovering at 41%. The interesting twist is that the Canadian public struggles with their troops serving in a combat role instead of in a peacekeeping capacity.  That's a big hurdle.  Yet the polling is similar.

My reality check - Taxes sure are high in Canada.

Canadian reality check - Taxes sure are high in Canada.

Canadian border crossing - Asked if we had alcohol, tobacco, firearms and Mace. As always - very friendly.

US border crossing - Asked what we were bring back to the states. Got a funny look when I answered - beer. (Long story). Very friendly this time.

My conclusion - Canada is a great place to visit. Can't wait to go back - wouldn't want to live there.

Canadian conclusion - USA is a great place to visit. Can't wait to go back - wouldn't want to live here.

Talked extensively about the Canadian health care system and US reform efforts in that regard. That's fodder for a future post.

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