Bridge of Sighs finally reopens

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About a week after I started taking the 31 downtown last year, they closed the Highland Avenue bridge.

That added about 5 minutes to my commute.


I watched the reconstruction process on my daily jaunt to work from the dirty bus window. Every day it looked the same - what WERE they doing anyway? It didn't look like much to me. Just a bunch of construction workers and their Tonka Toy trucks.

About a year after that, they closed a stretch of Wisconsin Avenue downtown, which added about 5 minutes to my commute.


It stayed that way for a long time. The bus rolled down Milwaukee Street to Vliet, bypassed Highland to State, went back up around to Highland, then back south to Wisconsin Avenue and on to downtown.

Big sigh.

But one day last month, voila! The Bridge of Sighs reopened to a lot of smiles all around on the bus. I guess those workers had been making progress all along.

A sign on the bridge reads "Martin Drive" and it's a very pretty bridge, as far as bridges go. But even better, five minutes taken away from my commute is something to celebrate!


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