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Tom grew up in Milwaukee, bartended in Wauwatosa in the '70s and moved here in 1984.

Commentary, observations and musings about the outdoors, life in general and maybe Tosa politics and personalities will be the order of the day. He savors a lively debate as much as terrific cooking.

Random Musings and Idle Chit Chat

Random Musings and Idle Chit Chat, Politics-Tosa, Politics-Other, The Big Fat Middle, Silly People, Strange But True

So what's up with the County Exec pandering to the quitter from Alaska

Oh yeah - I forgot for a moment. 

He has to get that screwy base all lathered-up in the weeks and months leading-up to the primary.  Personally I think it's a risky move but I get it.  

Psst.  Scott.  It’s me - Tom. 

I have some friendly advice for you. Free advice too.  If you want to win-over the Big Fat Middle you should be cautious of becoming too caught-up in that Palin circus act. You do this at risk of great peril. We in the middle already have Palin fatigue and I don't think you can be elected Governor without us.

Moving along I see that Alderwoman Jay is busy doing the people’s business. She is now going to get that critically important, non-binding voter ID ballot measure off the ground by doing it the correct way.  

By gathering signatures. 

I prefer gathering signatures to carrying other people’s water. Don’t you? 

Has anybody besides me noticed the mess down at 68th and State? The traffic snarls? The endless months of a drop in business for the State Street merchants? The annoyance of the construction project of the undead? Don’t you just love the priorities of some of our Council members?

Speaking of Republican politics - what's up with the Wauwatosa Republicans?  Their website has been silent since  October 2nd.  Not a peep.  At the risk of encouraging conspiratorial rumors I wonder if someone over at the Palace told my pal Jason to stifle it. 

Speaking of possible censorship - the official reader count now stands at 52. And some of those readers may have noticed that there have been comments posted to this blog that have not been published.

I looked into this and I want everyone to know that this is not of my doing. The Mothership is censoring someone. This person (or persons) is apparently so naughty that their comments cannot be published. Now if I was in charge I would go ahead and allow these scandalous comments to be published for all of cyberspace to see and allow my readers to sort it out. 

Alas, I am not in charge.

And that’s too bad – the First Amendment is listed first for a reason you know.

In case you don't believe in Karma - did you know that the Republican National Committee's health insurance plan covers elective abortion?

Yep - since 1991 too.  A procedure that the party's platform calls a fundamental assault on innocent human life.   How weird is that?

Finally – The House Democrats’ health care bill is 1,990 pages long, 8¼ inches thick and tips the scales at 19.6 pounds. Anybody that tells you they’ve read that thing - cover to cover - is probably a liar.

(Here’s a tip for that wicked reader. Use a computer with a different IP address and post your comment from there).

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