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Head Hunter

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Remember what I told you yesterday about the deer I shot that had an ear tag? Seems that lots of people are interested in the deceased deer that we affectionately refer to as Number 24.  Especially how she got here.

The guys have their own theories. 

Sid suggested that I shot the deer that nobody is allowed to kill.  It was somehow a special deer and I was going to find myself in deep, deep trouble with the law. 

Lawyer was interested in the humongous fee he was going to charge for my defense.

NewGuy suggested that it was also a special deer – but whoever shot Number 24 was the winner of a million dollar hunting lottery. And since he field-dressed it I had to split the pot with him.

The warden emailed me yesterday and asked if we could save the head. Today a WDNR guy showed-up to take possession of Number 24's noggin.

They’re baffled as to how a tagged deer showed-up here since there are no fenced operations anywhere close by. Theories include someone bringing the deer here to improve the local genetics. (I know it sounds crazy but it’s been known to happen.) Or maybe an animal rehabilitator released it. The more likely scenario is that Number 24 was an escapee from a fenced deer farm. 

If Number 24 fled the life of a fenced deer farm she was certainly living it-up to the very end with her wild brethren. And she would have had to travel a great distance to get here.  The guys all agreed that life and death running free in the wild is much more dignified for a whitetail than life and death in a fenced farm. The notion of killing fenced animals is repugnant to them. Me too. 

Number 24 died at age two under the rules of fair-chase.

The head is going to be tested to rule out chronic wasting disease and someone I’m sure is going to try to trace the origins of Number 24.  I've asked that the yellow tag be returned to me as a souvenir after everyone is done with it.  

I’ll let you what I hear about this.

For any of you unfamiliar with aging a whitetail you do it by means of examining the teeth. 

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