Green Friday at Goodwill

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I have absolutely no desire to go to the mall most days, especially the day after Thanksgiving. I'm not a Black Friday kinda gal. However, since my oldest daughter is home from college, and my younger daughter is chomping at the bit to shop somewhere, it's off to Goodwill we go.

 The new store next to Target is a treasure hunter's paradise and I feel like a child in a candy store whenever I go there. Last week my two girlfriends and I spend almost 2 hours there sifting through others' unwanted stuff looking for a white elephant gift - among other things.

"How about this?" one friend said, holding up a really ugly Dora the Explorer plastic lamp. It was a toss-up between the lamp and a book titled "How to Talk to Your Plants." Hmmm, tough choice.

As always, I came away with treasures of my own: a linen suit jacket from The Limited for 6 bucks. A steal and too good to pass up. In fact, most of my clothes now come from Goodwill. The store is just too good to be true.

It's been more difficult getting my 14-year-old interested in going to Goodwill. She was raised, for better or worse, on Kohl's, American Eagle and Target. It's been an adjustment for her and I understand as I grew up shopping department stores and paying department store prices too. But that was then and this is now.

Now that I've been shopping at Goodwill for several years, I feel as though I've had the wool pulled over my eyes all these years by merchandisers. So I'm going to attempt to teach my daughter, albeit a little late, what a good deal really is.

Hopefully, somebody's unwanted American Eagle sweater is hanging right where my daughter will spot it and all I'll have to do is look discreetly the other way.

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