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Another birthday

Christmas, Birthday

Turning 60 feels a little like watching the odometer turn 100,000 miles. You figure you've got another 50,000 left. but it's going to take a lot more maintenance.

The weather Wednesday night was the same as the weather December 23rd a decade ago, when I turned 50. And as then, some 25 or so good souls braved the gathering storm to share some birthday cheer.

Son George rolled in from Madison just before the party (if you can call such an informal gathering that). Things have changed a little since my college days. Then, we brought our laundry home to Mom in muslin rucksacks. Now, they bring it home in giant plastic tubs--and they do the laundry themselves.

The photo heading this blog was taken a couple years ago by an excellent Journal-Sentinel photographer. But this one, from my daughter Annie's wedding a few months ago, does a better job of showing how it feels comin' round the mountain of 60:


Slightly out of focus but raring to go.

This certainly isn't where I thought I'd be at 60. When I started planning the big birthday two years ago, I'd begun a new career I loved, the kids were doing well, and I felt on firm footing for the first time in many years. Sixty would be the perfect time for a great adventure.

The kids are still doing great. The rest of it, hmmm. Maybe not so much.

I guess I should have been more specific about the kind of adventure I wanted. I had in mind Greece, not job hunting.

But there is good food to put on the table, including too many Christmas cookies, and shelter from the cold rain outside. Enough money to buy hilarious and inappropriate Christmas presents for the littlest boys in the family. The voices of my children softly conversing on the other end of the house.  Birthday roses on the desk.

And now it's Christmas Day. May yours be filled with comfort and joy, too. 

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