Treat a coupon like money

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One thing I have learned within the past year in all my days of saving money and paying off bills is to treat a coupon like cash.  Everyone knows how to use a coupon, but do you know how to make the most out of it?

Since I am continuing my pantry challenge this month, I needed to stop by the store and get a few fresh fruits and veggies along with some coupon freebies.  Here is the lowdown on what I got:

4 - Cheeses
2 - Melons
2 - Cucumbers
Some fresh green beans
Some bananas
Some grapes
Some cherry tomatoes
Guacamole dip (my weakness)
4 - Muffin Mixes
6 - Pillsbury Pie Crusts
Olive Oil
Coffee Creamer
2 Popcorn
2 - Pastas

I think that is everything.  The cost of this before store card and coupons was $88.77.  After coupons, my total was (drum roll please...) $22.32.  Anything that you see in the picture above that was not a fresh fruit or vegetable was FREE after coupon with the exception of the cheese which I paid $1.00 each and the guacamole I paid .79 for.  I saved $66.45.  If you have done any pricing on fruits and veggies this time of year, you will know that they are expensive.  I splurged a little on this trip outside of the normal bananas, oranges and apples this time of the year. I took a risk on a couple of melons and it was worth it, they were very tasty!

Keep in mind, you can't really make a meal out of anything I bought, but if you buy things when they are cheap and with a coupon, you can create a nice stash of things that can be combined to make a super dinner.

I hope I have inspired you to grab your scissors and the Sunday morning paper and start clipping.

Financial Update:

On a not so good note, I have spurged on a couple things for my house which will add another month or so onto my van payment goals.  I bought 4 gallons of paint for various rooms in the house and some new carpet for the living room.  If it is any consolation, everything looks great!

The positive thing I did this month, was ran my credit report at (thanks Pat!).  I highly recommend everyone do this at least every couple of years.

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