Trading a bus seat for two wheels of FUN

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Aside from getting up early on dark winter mornings, covering myself from head to toe in a woolen scarf, hat, mittens and long underwear, and trudging three blocks to catch the bus to work, I rather enjoy my daily rides downtown.

There's a community of riders who all know one another and we have spent many months shooting the breeze about our jobs, the recession, schools and weekend plans while our bus methodically ambles downtown.

All that's about to change.

It's not that I'm giving up entirely on the bus or my pals.. .it's just that, well, I need a breath of fresh air. With spring only a month away I thought it would be a fine time to invest in something much more fun than a bus ride. So, after scouring for months I found and purchased my first motorcycle.

OK, it's really a Vespa LX150 so by all appearances it looks like a scooter. But the DMV says otherwise. So I strolled up to window No. 5 at the DMV (my lucky number) and gladly handed over $200 for registration and a motorcycle plate.  

I don't think of Lucy (short for Lucciola, or firefly in Italian) as a motorcycle though. Her lines are too curvy, her body a soft shade of pistachio and her silver accents like bracelets glittering on an Italian model's sexy body.

She has no clutch, no leather saddlebags, no flags fluttering from her wheels. She's completely simple and sparkly but not in a show-off kind of way. Best of all, this motorcycle is built to carry two and it is my sincere intention to be carrying someone on the back by the first day of summer or else!

Meantime, we now join my three girlfriends (plus a friend of a friend) and their Vespas - Stella, Phoebe and Sophia - for some serious fun in Tosa this summer - maybe even earlier if global warming cooperates.

When the crocuses, tulips
and daffodils sprout,
not only is it springtime,
it's when Vespas come out

As for the bus? You may have my seat.

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