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Deer Camp Redux

Critters, Strange But True, Deer Camp

I got some good news last week.

Remember the deer camp sensation from last year? 

Old Number 24?

Remember how the biologist came to fetch Number 24's head?

I retrieved this news from the DNR website-

CWD Testing Results for Individual Deer

CWD Not Detected

Tissue from the deer you provided the Wisconsin DNR for chronic wasting disease (CWD) testing has been examined for CWD prions. There were no CWD prions found and therefore no evidence that the deer was infected with CWD. However, the inability to find CWD prions in the tissue examined is NOT equivalent to pronouncing this deer absolutely free of CWD prions or stating that it is safe to consume. All laboratory tests for CWD only assess the presence or absence of a detectable amount of prions in the specific tissue examined at the time the tissue was collected. A recently infected animal may not test positive because prions have not yet reached a detectable level in the tissue that was tested. CWD testing is clearly of value for disease surveillance to learn where the disease exists, but it has limited value in the context of food safety testing. If you have additional questions about CWD, check the DNR website:

Still waiting to find out if the ear tag will eventually be returned to me.  It would make for a fine souvenir but it's not looking very good.

Everyone wants to know where that deer came from.  Heck - it is a concern of ours and everyone else.

After all - escaped captive deer just might be a health risk to the wild deer herd. 


From the scuttlebutt I hear - interviews have been conducted and nobody's talk'n.

Mum's the word.

Maybe some deer farmer raising trophy bucks behind a high fence for a lazy shooter is responsible for Number 24's escape?  And now we have more deception interfering with wild game management.

This is what is has sunk to.

Another reason that squishy Governor Doyle shouldn't have been allowed to appoint the DNR Secretary.

How absolutely pathetic.

I'm waiting to see if the next Guv grows a pair.

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