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Frau Schmetterling (the next act): March 2, City Hall

County Grounds, Kubala Washatko

Schmetterling is German for butterfly. It always struck me that the opera Madame Butterfly would be quite a different work altogether in that language.

And the next act of the  Monarch Butterfly Trail, the UWM Engineering Campus, and (insert name of next benefactor) Innovation/Research Park opera unfolds Tuesday, March 2, at City Hall.

It's a little hard to follow the score. I won't try to do it here.Three different sources list three different times for the meetings, so I'm making my best guess using the city website.

The existing UWM plan, which is not a final plan, will be presented to the Common Council meeting of the whole at 6:30 pm by representatives from the UW-Milwaukee Foundation. There will be no opportunity for public input at that time. However, elected representatives and UW-M Foundation folks will be available starting at 6:00 for informal discussion before the meeting. A half hour sounds like a mere formality, so if you have something important to say, get to the person earlier in the day.

Read more at and at the Daily Reporter blog (the Reporter lists different times).The Daily Reporter site also shows the current plan map.

While the site says the Kubala Washatko plan approved in 2004 is too large for the Internet, the Monarch Trail people have managed to put a copy on their website. It's a big document and takes a long time to download, but it's informative.

The Plan Commission will hold a public hearing (7:00 pm) -- this one with citizen input -- and may vote on March 8, 2010. And yes, they've scheduled the meeting for the larger Common Council Chambers.

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