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Commentary, observations and musings about the outdoors, life in general and maybe Tosa politics and personalities will be the order of the day. He savors a lively debate as much as terrific cooking.

Talkn' Turkey With The Garden Chronicles

Gardening, Hunt'n, Friends

Lawyer has been up here turkey hunting since last Wednesday afternoon.  One of a succession of hunters turning their hand at gracing their Thanksgiving table with a wild bird.

Did you know that nine out of ten consumers think that wild birds taste better than your basic factory-raised, store-bought bird?

Back to the subject at hand. 

About all of these visiting hunters. 

Sometimes I think we're running a bed and breakfast for hunters.  Stay up late, get up before sunrise and hunt in between.  Doesn't that sound like a novel business proposition to you?

Here you are Sir.  Your tea and cranberry scones.  Do enjoy your stay and your hunt here at The Platz.  Is the secure, high-speed, wireless internet connection to your satisfaction?  Sherry is served at 4 PM.  And please, do leave your muddy boots in the garage.

It's all good.

Yesterday afternoon Lawyer bagged his bird.  A bearded hen. Yikes!

Here's the tally so far:

Sid - bird

Tom - bird

Lawyer - bird

Last night we three hunters and our wives had a celebratory feast.  Coq au Vin.  Prepared with wild turkey.

Braumeister is on-deck and up to bat next.  Can't you just feel the pressure he must be under.  Sid says his manhood is at stake.

Friday was absolutely prefect for garden prep.

I ran to town to the co-op and filled the truck with almost everything I needed.

Ten bags of composted manure.

And four bales of peat moss.

Plus a pile of other assorted supplies.

I installed a new battery on the tractor.

I used the loader on the tractor to gently scape the dessicated vines, corn stalks and residual debris from the garden.  I forked it into the bucket and in a couple of trips hauled it all off to the line fence for disposal. 

Hitched-up the disc and worked the soil.  Again and again.  Along with the manure and the peat moss.  And did it again for good measure.

With every passing year of supplementing and augmenting - the crappy Door County clay soil is  improved.  I figure if someone were to keep this up, in about a hundred years the garden would have soil comparable to that of Iowa County. 

Until then we pick rocks every spring.

Yes.  Even in the garden.

I present to you my canvas.



I really wanted to start planting this weekend but am mindful that only a week ago we had another hard freeze.  Until the frost hazard passes I'll  sit on my hands and prepare the pumpkin and gourd beds.

To heck with the frost.  I installed my pea fence and planted a double 16 foot row of peas, 60 super sweet onions and a bed of French beakfast radishes. 

I feel better already.

By the way - I've had sweet corn on my mind.

Should I press my luck?

I'll post the Coq au Vin recipe as soon as I can get around to it.

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