Giving up meat - just at the wrong time

Argentina vegetarian meat

 Going semi-vegetarian has been easier than I thought it would be. I haven't eaten meat since my last post... way too long ago, and hardly miss it, to be honest. There are so many other tasty things to eat, I am discovering: salmon, caprese salads, bean and cheese quesadillas - even Boca Burgers (yes, once you pile on the condiments, they taste just like a regular burger!!)

I think, however, this may be a problem when I get to Buenos Aires in a couple of weeks. My employer and our whole staff are headed down to run our organization's annual conference there and we've been promised the best, tastiest Argentinean beef around - every night. 


What's a semi-vegetarian to do? I mean, I certainly do not want to offend our hosts. Besides, what's a Malbec unaccompanied by a grilled steak, for crying out loud. 

By the way, my friend, the one who went vegetarian with me for a month, and who loves meat just a wee bit more than I do, jumped for joy off the bandwagon awhile back. That's OK. I want her to be happy. Eating grilled meat makes her happy. 

While I confess to missing the taste of grilled chicken, grilled hamburger, grilled steak - especially at this time of year - I still feel I've made the best choice for my health.

What do do about Argentina? I hear Buenos Aires is renown for its Italian dishes. We all know pasta goes great with red wine, right?


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