That's a Crock of...

Published on: 8/4/2010

...Lactic Fermentation.

The rotund object that you see below is my new crock.  15 liter capacity.

No more of making sauerkraut in a plastic bucket in the laundry room.  Although in all honesty that batch of kraut that I fermented last year turned-out mighty fine.  Only two jars remain and they're scheduled for consumption at this year's Schuetzenfest.

This new crock comes straight from the Fatherland.

It is manufactured by Harsch Steinzeug GmbH & Co KG in Belgern, Germany.  They also manufacture sewer and chimney pipes.

This simple device is utilized to ferment vegetables.

This is the process by which sugars in your vegetables are converted into energy with a metabolic product called lactate. 

Write this down-


Many hundreds of years ago people discovered the benefit of fermenting their produce in order to enjoy the healthful benefits of their efforts long after the close of the growing season. The famous explorer and navigator - Captain James Cook - promoted the practice of feeding his crew sauerkraut to fight scurvy.

Phil the groundhog has been munching on my cabbages so I figured I better get a batch of shredded cabbage into the stoneware.  


I'll let you know how it turns-out.

If anyone has a good crock pickle recipe please share.  I'm expecting a bumper crop of pickles this year.  

I'm also still collecting possible interview questions for when I talk to Leah Vukmir and Jim Sullivan.

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