How do you fix the broken Brewers?

Published on: 7/31/2010

Yesterday, the doorbell rang. It was a Milwaukee Brewers' representative who apparently doesn’t understand the “No Soliciting” sign on my front door. This nice young lady was selling ticket packages. I was speechless for a moment or two and then I said: “Um, shouldn’t you fix the team first?” Her response was: “Well, I know they’re not doing very good right now but there are still some really good games left.” (Against whom, The Little Sisters of the Poor?)

I politely declined, mostly because it’s a little late in the season for me to be interested in a ticket “package” and, honestly, because it’s tough for me to spend a lot of money to watch losing. I grew up a Cubs’ fan – been there, done that.

Fair weather fan - that’s what one of my Facebook friends called me when I shared this story yesterday. She may be right, but I may not be alone. The truth is, winning sells and the Brewers are seeing more “L’s” than “W’s” in the box score lately. When the team goal changes from winning the division to getting to .500, that’s when I start to lose interest.

Mediocrity should never be a goal, unless you’re in a proverbial rebuilding year. Given the fact that the phones haven’t been heating up in the front office, I guess the Brewers are not even rebuilding.

The funny thing is, I LIKE these Brewers. I like the players and I like the team as a whole. I even like the management and the ownership. Everybody is saying the right things…but it’s not working. As much as I like some of the top-name talent like Braun, Fielder, Hart and Weeks, I think the time has come to make some bold moves.

What do you think the Brewers should do to fix the team?