Wauwatosa Catholic School

Wauwatosa Catholic will be the first Catholic International Baccalaureate K3 to 8th grade school in this area. It is a new school opening in the fall of 2011, sponsored by St. Pius X and St. Bernard Parishes. This blog will update the community on its newest school. Visit www.wauwatosacatholic.org for more information.

Going First

Wauwatosa Catholic School, Kindergarten, K4, K3 &, leadership, Middle School, Open House, small class size

It's scary being the one who chooses to go first.  Be it the first one who hops on the latest rollercoaster, the first to say, "I'm sorry", or the first to say, "I love you."  Some would agree that being the first to taste this blogger's cooking would be the most scary of them all!

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