Gas Pains

Tom grew up in Milwaukee, bartended in Wauwatosa in the '70s and moved here in 1984.

Commentary, observations and musings about the outdoors, life in general and maybe Tosa politics and personalities will be the order of the day. He savors a lively debate as much as terrific cooking.

Wisconsin's Paradoxical Containment of Deer and Disease

Antler Porn, Baiting and Feeding, Hunting, Infectious Diseases, Misguided Priorities, Whitetail Biology

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State Legislature Demonstrates Lawmaking Exceptionalism

Governor Walker, Wisconsin Legislature, Hunting, Strange But True, Misguided Priorities

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The Remarkably Adaptable Whitetail

Adaptation, Conservation, Critters, Deer Management, Hunting, Whitetail Biology, Trail Cameras

It's a remarkable day when 25 degrees feels perfectly tropical.  The recent cold snap probably got your attention.  It sure got mine.  Thrice.  First, when it happened.  Second when the clutch on the overhead garage door opener went kaput.  And again the other day when Jill told me about the We Energies bill.  Yikes!  But I'll get over it.  It’s all about adaptation. 

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Deer Camp 2015 - The Ridiculous

Deer Camp, Hunting, Friends, Butchering, Terrific Cooking

Small camp for a late season antlerless gun hunt – just me and (clockwise from left) Six Deuce, New Guy and La Diabla Roja.

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Deer Camp 2015 - A New Record

Deer Camp, Friends, Hunting, Deer

Deer camp has been reconstituted for an extended weekend with a late season antlerless gun hunt.  The goal being to put a dent in the peninsula's burgeoning deer herd.

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Deer Camp 2015 - The Pause That Refreshes

Deer Camp, Hunting, Friends, Deer, Random Musings and Idle Chit Chat, Traditions

The pause that refreshes - the Coca-Cola slogan that first appeared in 1929.  And while Wisconsin's nine day gun season closed as dusk descended today it isn't over - it is merely paused.

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Deer Camp 2015 - The Jagermeister

Deer Camp, Hunting, Jagermeister, Friends, Traditions

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Deer Camp 2015 - The Food

Deer Camp, Terrific Cooking, Hunting, Fishing, Living Off The Fat of The Land, Friends

It has been said that a deer camp hunts best on a full stomach.  At least our camp does.  Most Wisconsin camps are not known as appropriate venues for anyone watching their waistline very closely.  Of course all of this caloric input is easily rationalized by plenty of fresh air, walking, deer dragging, butchering and so forth.  I thought you readers might be interested in the ridiculous menu from the extended weekend.  Naturally, wild fish and game figured chiefly in our diet.  Here's a taste (pun intended) from field to table.  Cheers!

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Deer Camp 2014 - The Rush is Over

Deer Camp, Friends, Hunting

The major ruckus of the big deer camp extravaganza is now behind.  The last shot of camp was a snapshot miss by yours truly.  There’s a big buck somewhere that is yucking it up over my poor marksmanship.  Oh well.

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Deer Camp 2014 - Drink Beer Butcher Deer

Deer Camp, Friends, Backyard Homesteading, Hunting, Chores, Knowing Your Food

Monday - 11/24/14

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Deer Camp 2014 - Go!

Deer Camp, Friends, Hunting, Refreshing Adult Beverage, Terrific Cooking, Tim Hortons

Saturday - 11/22/14

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Deer Camp 2014 - Get Set

Deer Camp, Friends, Hunting

Friday - 11/21/14

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Deer Camp 2014 - Get Ready

Deer Camp, Friends, Hunting, Hunt Camp Humor

Thursday - 11/20/14

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Lying Down With Dogs

Dogs, Family, Labrador Retrievers, Hunting


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Blood Moon

Astronomy, Hunters Moon, Talking Turkey, Hunting, Superstition

At the farm with a 1st season turkey permit.  And it has been an inauspicious start.

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Talking Turkey

Critters, Hunting, Talking Turkey, Trail Camera

Next month brings the spring turkey hunting season.  And the truth of the matter is that I've been more than a little concerned about these big birds over the last few months.  With deep snows and brutally cold weather as I was scouting I wasn't seeing any birds at all.  Thoughts turned to all sorts of bad scenarios.  Was it possible that there were starving, frozen and dying birds?  For sure this was a possibility in the northernmost reaches of Wisconsin.  As it turns-out northeastern Wisconsin was another matter.  All of a sudden - poof!  The birds were back.

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Adaptation, Conservation, Critters, Deer Management, Hunting, Whitetail Biology

It's a remarkable day when 22 degrees feels perfectly tropical.  The recent cold snap probably got your attention.  It sure got mine.  Twice.  First, when it happened and again the other day when I saw the We Energies bill.  Yikes!  It's easy to feel sorry for yourself (and your old Tosa bungalow) when the monthly heating bill creeps over a couple a hundred bucks.  But I'll adapt.  

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Deer Camp 2013

Deer Camp, Hunting, Cowboy Junkies, Superstition, Friends, Deer Hunting, Congressman Sensenbrenner, Butchering, Deer Management, Politics, Scott Walker Deer Manager, Thanksgiving, Friday Morning Music, Stairway To Heaven

Thursday, November 21 - Get Ready...

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How To Make St. Louis Style Pork Steaks

Hunting, Friends, Terrific Cooking, St. Louis Pork Steaks

My pal Braumeister, the blonde Lab and I are up at the farm bow hunting and hanging-out. It’s been raining steadily so the gardens are a sucking morass and the potatoes unharvested. Between torrential bouts of monsoons we did get the firewood stacked. Since I still cannot hunt and Brau still hasn’t gotten a deer we dined on grilled pork steaks from the local butcher.

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Sliding into Fall

Canning Your Own Food, Backyard Homesteading, Gardening, Hunting, Life Is Good

For some folks Labor Day signals the arrival of fall.  The camper is cleaned and stowed and the children return to school. For a couple of weeks I've been saying to anybody willing to listen that there is a hint of autumn in the air.

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Talk'n Turkey

Friends, Hunting, Talking Turkey

Sunday - 4.21.13 - 5:15 PM

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Deer Camp 2012

Big Bucks, Cowboy Junkies, Das Furz Haus, Deer Camp, Gourmands, Hunting, Mauser K98, Perfectly Good Guitar, Outdoors, Scott Walker Deer Management

Thursday, November 15th

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Walleyes and Northerns and Bears, Oh My!

Canada, Black Bears, Fishing, Friends, Hunting, Life is Good, Tosa Tall Tale


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Quite Possibly The Perfect Magazine

Culture, Firearms, Food, Hunting, Reading List

As I was taking my recycling cart to the curb recently it occured to me that it was largely full of expired gardening journals, newspaper food sections, bowhunting, turkey hunting, pheasant hunting, NRA magazines, and Wisconsin Outdoor News.  It was an eclectic collection of reading material for sure. 

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Talking Turkey

Frustration, Hunting, Just For Fun, Life is Good, Strange But True, Talking Turkey, Turkey Hunting

It's been an interesting spring turkey hunt for sure.

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Meet Frank

Critters, Girlfriend, Hunting, Romance, Strange But True

The Door County Fish Farm and Game Club does much to promote the rich heritage of hunting, fishing and trapping on the peninsula.  For instance, last weekend I walked to the other side of the road to congratulate a youngster who had traversed the field with a big old gobbler slung over his shoulder.  I heard the single report of a shotgun only thirty minutes earlier.  The answer to the Ford pick-up materializing on the shoulder of the road before sunrise was revealed.  He had been hunting with an adult mentor during Wisconsin's youth hunt.

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Recipe of the Day

Hunting, St. Francis Xavier Church, Terrific Cooking

If you are looking for a source of tested and proven recipes there is nothing like getting ahold of a church cookbook.  You can count on the fact that the church ladies are going to submit only those recipes that are proven successes - both in the preparation and in the consumption.  Anything less might invite a discouraging word.

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Hitting Our Stride

Artificial Joints, Friends, Girlfriend, Hunting, Life Is Good, Terrific Cooking

Making the grade.  Back in the saddle.  In the groove.  On track.

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Howling At The Moon

Astronomy, Deer Camp, Hunting, Life Is Good, Reader Contributions

Took the last part of the week off and headed north to do some late season deer hunting.  New Guy, Brau and Timothy Leary are here at camp.  The blonde dog too.  There's a crock pot of venison stroganoff bubbling on the counter top, a fire in the wood burner, everyone has showered  and the cocktail hour joking has commenced.  One last stab at another deer tomorrow morning. It's the last hurrah before surgery. 

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Deer Camp 2011-The Compilation

Bicycling, Critters, Deer Hunting, Deer Management, Door County Hunting, Economics, Family, Friends, Gourmands, Governor Scott Walker, Green Bay Packers, Holidays, Hunt Camp Humor, Hunting, Life Is Good, Outdoors, Scott Walker Deer Management, Sister, Terrific Cooking


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Deer Camp - Day Eight

Deer Camp, Deer Management, Door County Hunting, Governor Walker, Hunting, Scott Walker Deer Management


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Deer Camp - Day Seven

Critters, Deer Camp, Family, Holidays, Hunting, Smile For The Trail Cam, Terrific Cooking


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Deer Camp 2011 - The Compilation

Bicycling, Critters, Deer Hunting, Deer Management, Door County Hunting, Economics, Family, Friends, Gourmands, Governor Scott Walker, Green Bay Packers, Holidays, Hunt Camp Humor, Hunting, Life Is Good, Outdoors, Scott Walker Deer Management, Sister, Terrific Cooking


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A Deer On Every Meatpole?

Critters, Deer Camp, Governor Walker, Hunting

I'm going to take the politics out of the forest and put the deer back in.  Campaign promise - Governor Scott Walker.  

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Spink County Pheasants

Blonde Ambition, Hunting, Friends, Life Is Good, Randi Dix, Sister, Spink County, South Dakota Pheasants

It was early Monday morning when Braumeister and I rolled-up to The Refuge to fetch our pheasants from the freezer.  This was the close to a singularly memorable pheasant hunt for the usual gang.

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Recipe of the Day - Bucky Balls

Bucky Balls, Deer Camp, Friends, Gourmands, Hunting, Terrific Cooking

Looking for a tasty game day or cocktail hour treat?

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Deer Camp

Critters, Deer Camp, Friends, Hunting, Technology

Braumeister, Smokey Joe and I spent a quality weekend bow hunting - last weekend.  We saw a pile of deer but nothing close enough to kill with a well-placed arrow.

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A Guy With Two Girlfriends

Girlfriend, Good Looking Blondes, Hunting, Labrador Retrievers, Life Is Good, Raising a Puppy, Sister

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Friday Morning Music

Friday Morning Music, Hot Women, Hunting, Just Like Heaven, The Watson Twins

It's the start of the weekend people.

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Chick Magnet, Girlfriend, Gun Dog, Hunting, Labrador Retrievers, Raising a Puppy, Sister, Good Looking Blondes

Remember this cuddly little runt?

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