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Picking up the Pieces: Supporting your workplace after a tragedy

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As a business owner or manager, you can take every reasonable safety precaution to try and prevent the bad things from happening. That still won’t thwart an act of violence from an irrational employee or customer; “acts of God” like heart attacks and hurricanes; or random accidents like the ones that happen every day in companies just like yours. Do you realize that, if left unchecked, the aftermath of a critical incident could also cause your business to suffer?

Several large-scale critical incidents in public places have captured our attention recently. However, most critical incidents happen in the workplace, often garnering little or no media attention.

Critical incidents are traumatic events that cause powerful emotional reactions in the people who were exposed to the incident. Emergency Services personnel often refer to The Terrible Ten:

  1. One-the-job death
  2. Suicide of a colleague
  3. Serious work-related injury
  4. Multi-casualty event / disaster / terrorism incidents
  5. Events with a high degree of threat to the personnel
  6. Significant events involving children
  7. Events in which the victim is known to the personnel
  8. Events with excessive media interest
  9. Events that are prolonged and end with a negative outcome
  10. Any significantly powerful, overwhelming distressing event

People process traumatic events differently and exhibit a range of responses including, but not limited to: slowed thinking; poor attention span; memory problems; difficulty sleeping; and disorientation. More extreme responses include “seeing” the event over and over. Even after an incident is resolved, it can continue to impact witnesses days or months later. It usually doesn’t take long before your bottom line is suffering too.

Managers and supervisors can help mitigate a critical incident’s impact on employees by taking simple steps that include: monitoring work schedules and workloads; ensuring tasks are concrete in nature whenever possible, reassuring witnesses their reactions to the incident are normal; and encouraging employees to utilize their employee assistance provider (EAP).

When an individual or group is struggling with a strong post-incident response, it may be necessary to reach out to experts in the area of critical incident response. IMPACT Workplace Services' masters-degreed clinicians provide debriefing and counseling in the immediate wake of a traumatic event to help employees and managers process things in a healthy and supported manner.

IMPACT Workplace Services is offering a training for business owners, supervisory management and human resource professionals.  For more information, or to register, go to

Picking up the Pieces: Supporting your workplace after a tragedy

Wednesday, October 17, 2012 from 8:00 to 11:30 am

Summit Place – West Allis, WI

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