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Members of the Wauwatosa Police Department's Community Support Division, with backup provided by the folks at, are now blogging. We will be providing you with an ongoing series of crime prevention tips, any current crime trends as well as pertinent news and notes as it relates to your Police Department.

Operation Identification

Crime Prevention


Operation ID is a program that can help the police return your property if it is stolen. This simple program has proven effective in the past and when followed can actually be a deterrent to crime. To make it even better The Wauwatosa Police Department provides all the materials needed at no charge. With just a simple phone call to the police department we will reserve a loaner engraver and some stickers for you to pick up.

When you get the engraver home make sure you engrave all your property with a unique but memorable number so it can be identified as yours. I strongly suggest using the last four digits of your Social Security Number followed by a dash, followed by the last two digits of your Driver’s License. Using these numbers will not compromise your identity but will keep the number easy to remember. Your number will appear similar to this “9014-07” and in the case of a theft or burglary we can enter the item description along with your unique number into a nationwide database. Then, should these items be found by any law enforcement agency throughout the country they can be returned to you. For smaller items develop a single mark that can be distinguished from just a simple scratch. The real deterrent part of the program is when you display the sticker(s) we provide you with, this will announce to the thieves and burglars that all your property is marked for easy identification.

If you would like to participate in this program contact the Wauwatosa Police Department’s Community Support Division at 414-471-8430 Ext. 5111 to reserve an engraver. Also, you are reminded that if you are currently part of the Operation ID Program please engrave all your new purchases, the engravers are available to you as many times as you may need them.


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