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Members of the Wauwatosa Police Department's Community Support Division, with backup provided by the folks at, are now blogging. We will be providing you with an ongoing series of crime prevention tips, any current crime trends as well as pertinent news and notes as it relates to your Police Department.

E-Mails Containing Malware Sent to Businesses Concerning Their Online Job Postings

Business Watch, Internet Safety, Scam, Security

This comes directly from the FBI Website.

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Are You Advertising What Is In Your House?

Crime Prevention, burglary, Theft, Security

When you are unpacking those great electronic gifts you receive at Christmas, do not leave the boxes at the curb. Doing so only advertises what kind of really cool new goodies are in your house. The “Bad guys” do drive around and “Shop”, making note of where the flat screens and laptops are based on the boxes at the curb. Then they will actually “Case” the homes where the boxes of the desired items were observed.

So please, break down all your boxes and take them yourselves to proper recycling facilities such as the cardboard dumpsters at the City dump located just east of the Police Station; the Police Station is 1700 N 116th St and the dump is 11100 W Walnut St. The dumps hours of operation are Tue – Sat 7:30AM – 4:30PM except holidays. There is a $10 annual dump permit fee.

As a side note any old electronics can be taken to any Good Will who will sell or recycle; these items are not excepted at the City dump.

Thefts From Vehicles

Theft, Crime Prevention, Security

Theft from vehicles is making a comeback in the City of Wauwatosa. In almost all of the cases the cars were left unlocked with some desriable items inside including satellite radio receivers, laptops and GPS units. In a few instances, just a GPS mount was left visible and the cars locked; unfortunately this was enough temptation to lead to a window being broken in hopes the GPS was inside.

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Bike Security

Bike, Crime Prevention, Security, Theft, Wauwatosa Ordinance

Just a quick reminder since good biking weather has finally arrived, and that is to secure all bikes when they are not under the actual physical control of someone. By securing I mean locking with a chain or cable through the wheels and frame to a sturdy and secure object or bike rack, locking it in a shed or garage or bringing it into the house. It only takes a few seconds for someone to take your unlocked bike and you may never see it again.

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Video Cameras For Commercial Security

Safety, Security

Recently a robbery took place in the City where a photograph of the suspect was published via the media and a suspect arrested that same night. Of course the judicial system will have to determine if the right person was arrested, but the fact that one picture produced some immediate feedback from the public is truly amazing. I am often asked about the use of security cameras and here is a clear example of how well they can work. Many times the threat of being recorded is a deterrent; but if not a deterrent and the criminal still commits a crime it can be a huge tool in solving the crime.

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