Oak Wilt

Oak wilt is a lethal fungal disease that plugs the water conducting system in an oak tree. It can occur in all species of oak, but will very quickly kill red oaks.

Prompt diagnosis is crucial. The primary symptom is wilting of the leaves and early defoliation. In the red oak group wilting generally progresses from the top of the canopy downward. In white & bur oaks, wilting may occur on branches scattered throughout the tree. These symptoms may also be cause by anthracnose, bur oak blight or two-lined chestnut borer. Laboratory testing may be needed to confirm oak wilt.

The disease may be spread by picnic beetles attracted to fresh wounds, but occurs primarily through root grafts between trees.

Do not prune oaks during the growing season. Quickly repair storm damage and paint any wounds that occur during the growing season to avoid insect transmission.

Control includes these important aspects:

1.       Trenching 5ft deep to severe root grafts between infected and healthy trees

2.       Fungicide injections of asymptomatic trees within transmission distance

3.       Sanitation -Remove infected trees after trenching and before the next growing season

                    Do not leave wood on site w/o de-barking or completely sealing


If you suspect you or a neighboring property has oak wilt, contact your Certified Arborist at Wachtel Tree Science for diagnosis and management plans.



Wachtel Volunteers:

            Ron Gumz, Dan Barwinski & Tim Bull represented Wachtel Tree Science at a Day of Service in Kenosha sponsored by the Wisconsin Arborist Association. The work was done at the Shalom Center, their mission is to serve the community by providing emergency food, housing and support in ways that meet needs and respect human dignity. There were several large trees that had a lot of deadwood causing the playground to be closed. After a day of work by WAA volunteers, the playground was reopened to the children’s delight!


New Faces at Wachtel Tree Science  By: Ellen Filley

The University of Stevens Point has proven to be a great resource for hiring enthusiastic, knowledgeable arborists to care for our client’s trees and this year’s new hires are no exception!

            Matthew Kornely graduated in May of 2012 with a BS in Science in Urban Forestry. There is where he fell in love. Both he and his fiancé are from Manitowoc and attended grade school there. Little did they know the magic of love would begin once they met in college! 

            Chris Frankulin graduated in May of 2012 with a BS in Urban Forestry and Forestry Recreation. Chris has amazing energy and endurance. He rides his bicycle to work everyday. I suspect this will change with our cold and blustery Wisconsin winters.   

            Tony Seidl is currently in his junior year at UWSP and plans to graduate in December of 2013.  Tony sporting a paint brush has worked part time painting homes, but is far more comfortable and capable with his arborist tools in hand. We are pleased he decided to join us this summer as an intern.





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