What’s Your Rate of Return?

There is a way to increase your rate of return in today’s economy! Invest in your trees to guarantee a strong rate of return on your tree capital investment and enhance property value.

Trees provide many benefits for both our environment and society. Here are just a few of the things that trees do:

·         Increase property values up to 20%

·         Reduce heating and cooling costs

·         Enhance aesthetic beauty

·         Reduce crime rates

·         Provide carbon sequestration

·         Improve air quality

·         Assist with soil retention & stabilization

·         Provide wildlife & bird habitat

·         Reduce water runoff and flooding

Start by planting the right tree in the right place. New trees are investments that literally grow. Proper selection allows for the greatest benefits and best chance for tree health and maturation.

Once your new tree is established, proper pruning is a critical investment strategy. One of the many benefits of good pruning is to establish proper structure. Pruning trees when they are young reaps long-term returns. It is less costly and will help avoid more expensive work or structural damage as trees mature. Regular pruning is also important, as trees are living growing entities. Younger trees may need pruning every two to three years. Pruning cycles for mature trees can range from three to ten years depending on the species, condition and location.

Tree growth and vigor should be appropriate for the age, species and location of your tree. The certified arborists at Wachtel Tree Science are experienced in tree evaluation and diagnosis of tree problems.

We work with you to make science-based recommendations to maintain and improve the investment you have in your trees. Fertilization, insect and disease control are just a few of the full spectrum of tree care services we provide to give you the best tree care. Call us today to increase your rate of return

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