GMC grid title stretch a 4-horse race

Published on: 10/4/2011

Right now there are four teams battling for the Greater Metro Conference football race in as tight a battle as you can have in the final two weeks of the year leading into the playoffs.

Brookfield Central (4-1, 5-2), Brookfield East (4-1, 6-1), Marquette (4-1, 5-2) and Sussex Hamilton (4-1, 6-1) are all battling for the conference crown.

Before I take a look at the final two weeks, remember every team plays the same schedule, just not in the same order.

Brookfield Central has played the toughest schedule so far, so they have the easiest schedule left with teams with a combined GMC record of 2-8, a .200 winning percentage. Lancer coach Jamie Meulemans is pulling his hair right now reading this.

Both Marquette and Sussex Hamilton are tied with the second-toughest remaining schedule, each playing teams with a combined 6-4 (.600) conference mark.

And then there is Brookfield East, which has played the easiest schedule so far, so the Spartans have the toughest two opponents left with a combined 8-2 GMC record (.800).

Here’s a look at the actual breakdown for the final two weeks.

Brookfield Central — Friday: at Wauwatosa East (0-5, 1-6), Oct. 14: Menomonee Falls (2-3, 4-3).
Marquette — Friday: at Brookfield East (4-1, 6-1), Oct. 14: West Allis Central (2-3, 3-4).
Sussex Hamilton — Friday: at West Allis Central (2-3, 3-4), Oct. 14: Brookfield East (4-1, 6-1).
Brookfield East — Friday: Marquette (4-1, 5-2), at Sussex Hamilton (4-1, 6-1).

Barring some huge upset — I stress that fact since these games are not played on paper, but they are played by teenage boys - Brookfield Central should win its final two games.

The Red Raiders are winless and just don’t match up with the Lancers’ size —physically or roster-wise.
If Central comes ready to play Menomonee Falls they should win based on talent, but Falls coach John Baker will have his troops ready to play because they should beat West Allis Hale this week and then they would need the victory over the Lancers to make the playoffs. Motivational factors on both sides — Playing for the title vs. playing to make the playoffs.

So with the Lancers at 6-1, the key remaining games for the title will have Brookfield East playing Marquette and Sussex Hamilton.

The Chargers should coast by West Allis Central this week — and at this stage, whether you coast by someone or win by a point, all that counts is the victory.

The Marquette-Brookfield East game is perhaps the biggest game of the year for both teams.

Realistically, the loser loses a share of the GMC Championship and the winner stays alive.

A win over East assures the Hilltoppers of a title share, because they will not lose to West Allis Central in their finale.

A win for the Spartans keeps coach Tom Swittel’s crew alive, but then they need another motivational speech to get ready to take on the Chargers on the road. With the GMC title on the line, Sussex Hamilton coach John Damato will have his troops ready to play.

West Allis Central should have Brookfield fans cheering for them in the final two weeks.

The bottom line is this — each team controls it’s own destiny. Win out and the title is there for the taking — I mean sharing.