Basketball bits and pieces...

Published on: 1/4/2012

Some bits and pieces on basketball ...

Feel free to check out my story on the Tosa West boys, who start three freshman this season at


Brookfield Central and Wauwatosa East should both be unbeaten in league play when they meet on Jan. 13 at Tosa East. Neither of these teams are afford to go into a game with a good opponent and not play well - they are not that good. Only when they play to the best of their ability can they be assured of success.

You might say, 'Duh, that's logical.' My point is I saw the number 1 team in the state Germantown take both of these teams apart - and the Warhawks didn't play that well. That's the difference.

Both Central and Tosa East are deep. Central is tall and TE isn't, playing several guards, sometimes five at a time.

BC has a more consistent half-court offense and a 1-3-1 zone that makes it tough to score on. If the Red Raiders transition game is cookin', however, they can beat most good teams. The Lancers 1-3-1 zone vs. the Red Raiders 1/2 court offense will decide the winner.


It will be fun to watch the Carroll brothers - junior Anthony of Tosa East and freshman Andre of Tosa West - square off. It is the first time they have played each other in an organized game.


mark Jan. 13 on your calendar - that's when unbeaten New Berlin Eisenhower hosts South Milwaukee, two unbeaten teams in the Black Division of the Woodland Conference. No one has come close to the Lions so far - cross-town rival New Berlin came within 14.