Playoffs getting underway...

Published on: 2/29/2012

To say I picked the wrong time to get sick is an understatement.

I am on the sidelines right now with Cellulitis in my left ear, which is often caused by a bacterial infection. My left ear looks like I went through 10 rounds with Mike Tyson (before he bit it off). I was so sick that JR Radcliffe stepped in for me to cover the Tosa East-Tosa West game last night.

I missed a thriller when the Red Raiders rallied for a 44-42 win.

Tosa East, which lost seven of 10 games going into last night's regional quarterfinal game with Tosa West, which went into the game with a 15-game losing streak.

This doesn't mean much because it is after the fact, but I thought this might be a close game despite the difference in records - 13-9 vs. 2-20.

The Red Raiders not only beat the Trojans annually, but West hadn't won a game since Dec. 13.

But I felt that this was the Trojans 'Super Bowl' while East looked at it as the first step in the tournament.

A lousy season ended on a positive note for the young Trojans. Tosa East lives to fight another day, taking on Milwaukee Northwest at Milwaukee Madison on Friday.


I am hopefully going to be recovered enough to head to Madison tomorrow for a noon game between the Brookfield Stars and the Old Abes from Eau Claire Memorial.


Friday night I will be at New Berlin Eisenhower (17-5) to watch the inter-city battle between the Lions and the New Berlin Vikings (16-6).

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