Classy girls soccer coach makes right decision

Published on: 5/17/2012

Brookfield Central girls soccer coach Jason Burdge had a tough decision to make Tuesday night. His team was leading, 1-0, against Wauwatosa East at Whitman field and the game was called with 32 minutes left to play because of lightning and heavy rain.

The game was official, but Burdge, knowing the importance of the match on the Greater Metro Conference race - Central (4-0-1) and East (5-0) - agreed to finish out the match the next day.

"After I decided to continue the game, I knew it wouldn't be a popular one with our team," he said. "I didn't want to win that way.  A few years back against Waunakee we were on the other side of this situation. They were up one goal early in the second half and a thunderstorm ended the game.

"I didn't expect a team from Madison to come back down and finish the game, but I still felt cheated.  Even though we were down by a goal, we were having a great game and I knew if we played it out we would have probably won."

So Burdge decided to play the game out.

"Honestly, I felt like I made a grown-up decision," he said. "It was a pretty stressful Wednesday leading up to the game. I'm thinking if we don't win this game our team and community will blame me for the loss. I'm a man, and I was prepared for that. I will still live to fight another day.

East's McKenna Kowalski scored to tie the game (Shea Conway assist) in the 51st minute but three minutes later Central's Natalie Benkowski scored with an assist by Sarah Baker to give BC the lead back.

Bella Turelli, who scored the first goal, then clinched the win with an assist from Lydia Rohdewith 7 minutes to play for a 3-1 victory.

"There are a few moments in life that help define you as a person and a team," Burdge said. "I hope this was one of those moments."

Both the coach and the Lancers came throough in style.