Lady Lancers to face No. 1 Muskego spikers

Published on: 10/30/2009

Third-seeded Brookfield Central will have its hands full when the Lady Lancers travel to Racine Park to battle Muskego, the top-rated volleyball team in the state.

Coach Karen Anderson has a fabulous team, led by the likes of 6-1 Rachel Neuberger, Katie Ellerson, Rachel Jeske, Kate La Tour and Sarah Mlachnik. They are not only talented, but they are having fun on the court.

Watching them sweep Brookfield East on Thrusday night at Hale, the Warriors looked like they were playing at a backyard picnic they were so relaxed and having so much fun.

Brookfield Central's Erin Lueder, Britney Held, Maria Fotsch, Annie Evanich and Kirsten Siladi are a talented front line, Mallory O'Halloran, Jasmine Lindstrom and Kayla Thurston do a fine job serving and setting.

But the Warriors are 41-5 for a reason and as Central coach Scott Spiess said afterwards, "We're going to have our hands full."


On Thursday in the win over second-seeded Franklin, with the games tied at 1-1, Central earned a crucial point to take a 24-22 lead.  Initially the point at the net was given to Franklin, which would have tied the game, but the officials discussed it and changed the ruling. The officials actually agreed with the call, but one didn't interpet the other's signal correctly. Central went on to win 25-23.

This obviously displeased the Saber fans.

For after the game, one of the Franklin 'adults' and I use the term loosely, approached the officials and berated them, because, of course, they were the reasons this team lost. When one of the officials, who couldn't walk away because she was putting her street shoes on, suggested he get his officials license, he snapped at her and told her 'Why didn't she get hers?'

Obviously, this showed his emotional state, since she had her license or she couldn't be officiating. Or maybe this showed his lack of common sense or emotional control. 

He was a rather large man and he finally had to be seperated by a Franklin adult who actually lived up to that description.

This brings up another point. When Arrowhead beat Brookfield Central in soccer last week to advance to state, the Arrowhead fans in front of the pressbox - the red jackets and hats helped identify who they were with -  were some of the worst referee-baiters I have seen at the high school level.

Almost - and I am not embellishing - every time two players collided and fell to the ground they were ripping the officials, screaming for a yellow card. Even if the player laying on the ground was from Brookfield.

And they were winning!

People, this is soccer, there is contact, give me a break here.

One of the main points I want to make here is these were adults. Most of the students I see are more controlled than some of the parents.