Touching all the bases ...

Published on: 2/2/2010

I know my headline says 'Touching All The Bases,' but this blog has nothing to do with baseball. I just have some topics I would like to hit on.

Mixed Signals

I have talked about this year's Brookfield Central girls basketball team alot this year. I thought I was the only one who couldn't figure them out. But the Lancers, who looked lost at times in a loss to DSHA last Friday, are also confusing their coach Dan Wandrey.

"I don't know what it is," Wandrey told me after the loss. "I spend half my time trying to convince them how good they are and the other half of my time trying to convince them they are not as good as they think they are. If that makes sense?"

Unfortunately, I think it does. This Lancer team is good enough to win the conference - going to state might be another matter. But this team is not good enough to throw a basketball on the floor and expect most good teams to roll over.

Wandrey, who raises his voice a bit when he coaches, also said something that makes a lot of sense. "When you win a lot of games easily, things get let go. I'm a jerk when I yell in games and we're up by 25. One of our slogans we talk about is don't accept in wins what you won't accept in defeats. And clearly, that wasn't taken to heart."

Gotta have heart

Brookfield Central boys basketball coach Mark Adams talked about his senior's farewell tour starting. That means when the Lancers play their second-time around in the GMC, it will be the final time that the seniors play these teams or visit the opponents' gym.

Alex Diciaula is the only senior on this year's team and Adams talked about this with his team. Going into Tuesday night's game with West Allis Hale, the Lancers are 0-2 on the tour. This year's team, not counting Diciaula, seems to lack passion, which obviously displeased Adams. After a listless first half against Tosa East last week, Adams spent all of half-time chewing his team out.

Fight Like A Champion

Tosa West Assistant coach Chad Stelse will take over for coach Mike Landisch (kidney cancer) the rest of the way, with help, of course, from assistant Ryan Bailey. The Trojans are on a roll, having one 6 of 7 and three straight.

They face a HUGE game at Whitnall as they battle for second. Five games left, three behind Ike (12-0), first place isn't likely. The Trojans are very talented and playing with a lot of emotion.


Brookfield East senior center Marley Blood scored a career high 23 points against Sussex Hamilton last week and Tosa West guard Jackie Glaser had her second big game with a 16-point outing at St. Francis on Friday.

Talk about a high and a low week, Anthony Carroll - sensational freshman is not his first name but I seem to use it a lot - set a Tosa West school record of 42 points in a win over Racine Horlick last week. But on Friday, he didn't make the box score because he because of some practice issues.

Brookfield East boys beat Tosa East in overtime last Friday and won at Tosa East for the first time in 13 tries. Congrats to coach Andy Farley, whose Spartans swept the Red Raiders this year.

See ya in a few days.