Some random thoughts to share

Published on: 6/28/2010

Just wanted to touch on a few random thoughts as we swing into the hazy, lazy days of summer.

WORLD CUP --- I'm kidded around the office about my interest in soccer and I am referred to as NOW Newspapers 'Mr. Soccer.' That probably means that on a level of 1-10, with 10 being the smartest, I'm probably a 5, while everyone else is a 1-2.  Not a lot to be proud about.

But after covering the girls soccer regionals and sectionals and then covering two of Homestead's three games in the state tournament (our regular writer who covers the Highlanders selected to go to Madison to cover their softball team), I have had soccer on the brain.

I read some World Cup articles in the Journal Sentinel, who has done a good job with their coverage despite some nutty complains, and I watched the highlights from the first game and then saw parts of the second and third game live.

I found the skill level absolutely amazing the way these professionals moved the ball around and I enjoyed watching the USA play.  My interest went from a 7 to a 1 now that they are eliminated.

One final soccer note - my new favorite team is Brazil, because I have to like a team whose star player's name is Kaka.

FRESH FACES --- I'm doing a story for this week's WauwatosaNow issue on the Tosa Youth League's latest additions to the varsity teams - SS JJ Belknapp and C Mickey Morgan of Tosa West and SS Ben Carpenter of Tosa East.

East nipped West last Saturday, 5-2, in one of the most-well-played games I have seen so far this summer.

There were also several outstanding defensive plays made in the game and made my Saturday afternoon more fun than normal.

Talk to you soon

Be a hit and have a ball