Woman with tooth pain arrested for bad behavior on bus

Dec. 29, 2010

A 21-year-old woman got angry about running late for a dental appointment and threatened a Milwaukee County Transit System bus driver last week, according to a Wauwatosa police report.

Also from the report:

The snow-covered roads caused the driver to take a little more time than usual getting to Mayfair Mall on Dec. 21. One of the passengers started to yell profanities and threatened to throw acid in the bus driver's face because he wasn't getting to her stop fast enough.

He pulled the bus over and called police. Officers stopped the woman as she walked in the mall parking lot and arrested her for disorderly conduct. She claimed she was homeless and had no ID, but she was found to have provided a fake name.

She also was arrested for marijuana possession after she was found to have a bag containing 11.7 grams of marijuana, which she said she used to ease the pain of an impacted wisdom tooth.


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